Continuous intake of Trehalose induces white adipose tissue Browning and Enhances energy metabolism

Chikako Arai, Norie Arai, Shigeyuki Arai, Chiyo Yoshizane, Satomi Miyata, Akiko Mizote, Aki Suyama, Shin Endo, Toshio Ariyasu, Hitoshi Mitsuzumi & Shimpei Ushio

Background Trehalose is well known as a functional disaccharide with anti-metabolic activities such as suppression of adipocyte hypertrophy in mice and alleviation of impaired glucose tolerance in humans. Recently, a new type of adipocyte beige cells, involved in so-called white adipocyte tissue (WAT) browning, has received much attention as a target for adaptive thermogenesis. To clarify the relationship between adipocyte hypertrophy suppression and beige cells involved in thermogenesis, …

Nutr. Metab. 2020;16:45.
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